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Geocaching Labs: Mega-Event Caches


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Greetings everyone! These are not your typical release notes. Read on to find out why.


In the past we've perhaps been a bit hasty in introducing new concepts, sometimes investing heavily in new development without first validating the concept with the community. In an effort to introduce new concepts purposefully and in a more limited, controlled fashion, we have cooked up something new. I present to you: Geocaching Labs.



We worked up a list of anticipated FAQ's to help explain what a Lab Cache is. We welcome further questions to help flesh out this list.



What is Geocaching Labs?

This is our R&D department. This team always working to create new and innovative ideas to make geocaching more fun and exciting.


What is a Lab Cache?

Lab Caches are a new and rare geocache type. Anytime you find something that's being tested by Geocaching Labs, it will count as a Lab Cache.


Does this count as a find?

Absolutely! For every Lab Cache you find, you'll earn a smiley and your find count will go up. However, since these aren't full-fledged geocaches, they won't earn you souvenirs (including for the 31 Days of Geocaching) or count toward earning Favorite Points.


If the Lab Cache goes away, will my find go away as well?

Nope! With this new geocache type, all of your Lab Cache finds will stay on your profile.


How can I get the Lab Cache icon on my profile?

Right now the only way to obtain a Lab Cache icon for your Geocaching profile is to attend a Mega-Event where a Lab Cache is being offered. So far that's only Block Party, but we are aiming to extend them to other Mega-Events soon.


Can I leave feedback?

Of course! That's why we're testing them. Shortly after Block Party, we'll send a survey to everyone who found a Lab Cache. If you have other feedback, feel free to post it in the forums.


I'm a Mega-Event owner and I want Lab Caches at my event!

Awesome! Visit Geocaching.com/help and send us a message under the category "Hiding a Geocache" to express interest. As we expand Lab Caches, we'll contact you if your event matches what we're looking for.


Why were these Lab Caches created?

This Lab Cache was developed to solve the problem of event-specific geocaches. Mega-Events often require new geocaches to be hidden, but since temporary geocaches are not allowed, the placed geocaches often end up neglected after the event. These new geocaches enable Mega-Events to have their own, temporary geocaches.


How does this Lab Cache work?

These mostly work the same as regular geocaches: navigate to the location, find the cache and sign the logbook. However, these differ in that you must use the find code in order to mark the geocache as found.


Are these Virtuals?

No, each of these Lab Caches has a log book, just like any other geocache.


Are these Challenges?

No, you don't have to do anything special to mark it as found.


Do I need to download an app to play?

Nope! We developed a special web app that can be accessed from any smartphone. We also have GPX files for download, as well as good old-fashioned, printed-on-paper coordinates.



Over the next year, we'll be rolling Lab Caches out to select Mega Events around the world, gathering feedback from event hosts and attendees alike. Let us know your thoughts!



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@kalkendotters het oplossen van bugs, of het uitvoeren van (reeds lang geleden) beloofde verbeteringen kosten #groundspaek geld en levert totaal niets op

het verzinnen van de meest stompzinnige dingen waarbij de meest stompzinnige mensen "puntjes" kunnen vergaren levert makkelijk tevreden geld uitgevende klanten op

#geocachen2013 de vervolmaking van het potjesraapcultuur


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  • 5 months later...

Vanaf 3 feb kunnen PMs één Lab Cache maken, mbv de Lab Cache creator, voor één andere cacher.

Het is een experiment/beta-test van Groundspeak, de Lab Cache is dus tijdelijk (aanmaken in februari) en gepersonaliseerd voor één iemand. De gelukkige heeft tot 28 februari de tijd om de "Find Code" te vinden.

Alle PMs ontvangen binnenkort een email ivm de "I <3 Geocaching" test, met daarin een link naar de creator en instructies.

Meer info op de Geocaching Blog

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