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Bovendien waarom haalt deze mevrouw het midden Oosten beleid erbij? Dit is nog altijd het Geo cache forum.

Deze mevrouw haalt het Midden-Oosten erbij omdat ze de moeite heeft genomen om het nederlands naar het engels te vertalen (!) en ik iets heb geroepen over Amerikanen in Irak (en dat dit om geld gaat en niet om Dhr. Saddam H. te ). Ik vind het bijzonder prijzenswaardig dat iemand (een Amerikaan nota-bene!) de moeite neemt om ons nederlands te lezen, zeker omdat er mensen in dit forum zijn die al moeite hebben met de vertaling NL->EN (en dat bedoel ik niet meteen persoonlijk!).

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zeker omdat er mensen in dit forum zijn die al moeite hebben met de vertaling NL->EN (en dat bedoel ik niet meteen persoonlijk!).

Leg dit eens uit? Dit slaat in jouw bewoording niet op die, volgens jouw, Amerikaanse. Wie hebben er dan nog meer moeilijk op dit forum in dit draadje om Nederlands te vertalen in het Engels? De Amerikaanse zelf niet zo te zien :wine:




Kruimeldief :wistling: The dutch dream: Huisje, boompje, beestje!

Probeer dat maar eens aan een Amerikaan uit te leggen.

bewerkt door Kruimeldief
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As the owner for the Nijntje (Miffy in english) and Smurfen (Smurfs) cache, feel free to contact me (any address @elsinga.org will do, robert at elsinga.org preferred). The Nijntje cache is a plain cache (especially because it is for kids), the Smurfen cache has proven to be a hard one to find in the end. Pictures of both cachelocations (can be spoilers) can be made if you tell me what you want. I need to do cache maintenance shortly anyway. :D I also have two travelers, one based (again) on Nijntje, the other is just a little doll (Elsje/Alice) from my 6yo with a special mission.


We normally go caching with our 3yo and 6yo, have pictures of cache adventures, but nothing real special. Or would caching 3000km from home be considered special? :angry:


All my caches can be found at www.elsinga.org/gc, most caches have an english summary, some have english descriptions alongside to the dutch one. Feel free to ask questions if you don't understand anything.

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Gast sassified

Thank you. I will send you an email.

I have received several responses from friendly people. I appreciate your efforts.

I have only a vague understanding of the Dutch on this forum but it is clear that their is some "heated" discussion. I do not take it personally. Writers must have a thick skin to be successful. We get mountains of rejection.

Since this forum has been so helpful to me, I will try to contribute in a more productive manner. With that, I will begin a new thread.

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Looking forward to your e-mail. ;)


This indeed is a heated discussion. I am probably a bit naive, but I tend to start with trusting people. And I mostly get the same response back, so that works. ;) And being an author for a magizine myself helps a bit too, I guess. :ph34r:


And yes, the US and the Neteherlands are quite different environments for caching. No mountains here, no real snakes, no bears or other wildlife. Being followed by an angry cow is our "wildlife". ;) But we do have lots of canals, lakes and other waters. Those can be hazardous for kids, but most learn how to swim early for that reason. And getting lost is a non-issue... you have a GPS, the nearest road is within a few kilopmeters and a spot without cellphone coverage doesn't exist (you can call 911/112 on any network here). ;)

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