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Since this forum has been so helpful to me, I will try to contribute in a more productive manner.

I am going to create a "kid cache" to be located in front of my house.  Of course, it will be no challenge but it will be an interesting way to meet other geocaching families.  Once I have this going, I will post a link to it in this forum.  Sound interesting?  Do you have any cache container ideas?  I was thinking a dog house might be interesting.

Is there anything you might like to know about American geocaching families?

I like the idea of a dog house ;) is that including a dog that guards the cache?

I'm shure that this will add an extra challenge for most cachers.


But serious:

A kids cache is not that difficult to create, i think it could be nice idea if you added an extra task (drawing a picture by following dots .............. or solving a puzzle to get the clue, the shape of a dog or it's house - or make it visual by solving a rebus).

This will solve the langual barrier too and make it suitable for the younger ones.


If you have a big garden, feel free to hide a 2nd cache in it, 1 the European and 1 the American way........ might be instructive :ph34r:


Best regards,



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Stop maar jongens/meisjes, ze is al weg....


I've decided to stay away from the .nl forum.  


quote komt uit prive mail aan mij. Voor de rest blijft het prive.


En wat talen betreft weet ik niet of je wel zo trots moet zijn op je Nederlands. Het enige nederlandse woord wat ze op de hele wereld kennen is "apartheid"...

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