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No emails from Groudpeak


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Is anybody else experiencing problems with emails from GC.COM ??


I'm not getting any owner emails about caches or coins being found... The last email that I got was at 15:46 and normally there are more notifications on a Sunday afternoon.


It could also be a problem with my service provider: PLANET.NL Does anyone else at planet have a problem?




(feeling all alone because he's not getting any mail :crybaby::lol1: )

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No problem for me, so far. And planet.nl? Best provider I know! But that opinion may be influenced by tye fact he pays part of my salary :crybaby:


same here, all watchlist/bookmarks/ Owned caches and coins are generating emails and i receive them. Sure you have no email problem ??




Indeed, it seems to be an email problem at planet. I just sent myself an email(sounds real sad) and it's not coming back in. I'm also missing mails on another planet account. I'll send a mail to the service desk to report. Thanks.

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