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Release Notes (21 Augustus, 2013)


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Release Notes (21 augustus, 2013)

  • New, Fresh Look for the Geocache Details Page
    • The geocache details page offers an enhanced user experience with a clear "Log your visit" button, minimized visual clutter, color swap for a more geocaching-appropriate color scheme, and a new easy-to-see and easy-to-use upper right-hand navigation box.
  • What is Geocaching?
  • After 3.3 million views, the Geocaching HQ "What is Geocaching?" video receives a new look and feel. Watch and share the new
    . We swapped out the previous video throughout the site.
  • Updates to the Travel and Tourism page
  • Updates for Rand McNally devices and field notes instructions
  • And, of course, plenty of bug fixes, including:
  • Proper display of Lab Caches on profiles. For more information on Geocaching Labs, see this blog post.
  • Corrected coordinates are now shown as underlined again on the new geocache page design.
  • Caches with single-latter names no longer cause a redirect loop in the new design.
  • Non-reviewers no longer see "Unarchive" option in the new design.


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