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CacheMaps 3.3

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CacheMaps 3.3 is beschikbaar! :dribble:

Belangrijkste aanpassingen zijn de ondersteuning van TomTom ov2 files en ondersteuning van zoomen van GPS Visualizer kaarten.

Hieronder de complete wijzigingslijst.


Feb 01, 2004: CacheMaps v3.3 released:

- LocLess2Loc 1.2 implemented

- CAX v1.1 now supports TomTom ov2 file generating

- CMX v1.1 now supports 2 lists (zoomlevel and map selection)

- GPS Visualizer is supported better (new CMX!)

- Buttons with no picture now show the name as give in the tag of the CAX or CMX

- New CMX for GPS Coordinate Grabber added. This application grabs all coords from a cachepage

- New CMX for the Geocaching.com maps added

- New CMX for the Dutch Demis mapserver (Haringvliet) added

- You can now read more than 1000 caches in cacheMaps

- LinkArea of the site updated

- New version of GPSBabel and Watcher on the site

- Online counters disabled. Did not work anymore

- Error with dubble click on AreaMap when Excel zoom >100% solved

- Error in showing offline information solved

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