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Cache inhoud; wat zit er zoal in een cache?

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Ik heb pas 1 cache gevonden en wil vandaag met mijn zoontje een cache met inhoud zoeken. We willen uiteraard iets terugplaatsen. Nu weet ik niet wat gebruikelijke dingen zijn om erin te doen. Kan iemand mij een tip geven?


Alvast bedankt!

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Wat denk je van sleutelhangers, kleine puzzeltjes een pen, kleine speelgoedjes. :dribble:

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Misschien juist leuk om niet te kijken wat gebruikelijk is, maar zelf te bedenken. Misschien wordt het dan wel iets wat nog niemand doet, maar wel heel leuk is.


Je moet alleen effe opletten dat er dingen zijn die niet mogen. Sowieso geen etenswaren, geurende spullen, aanstekers, enz. Er is een lijst van ergens!


groetjes GeoVlinder

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Hier de meeste info voor newbies.


What is usually in a cache?


A cache can come in many forms but the first item should always be the logbook. In its simplest form a cache can be just a logbook and nothing else. The logbook contains information from the founder of the cache and notes from the cache's visitors. The logbook can contain much valuable, rewarding, and entertaining information. A logbook might contain information about nearby attractions, coordinates to other unpublished caches, and even jokes written by visitors. If you get some information from a logbook you should give some back. At the very least you can leave the date and time you visited the cache.


Larger caches may consist of a waterproof plastic bucket placed tastefully within the local terrain. The bucket will contain the logbook and any number of more or less valuable items. These items turn the cache into a true treasure hunt. You never know what the founder or other visitors of the cache may have left there for you to enjoy. Remember, if you take something, its only fair for you to leave something in return. Items in a bucket cache could be: Maps, books, software, hardware, CD's, videos, pictures, money, jewelry, tickets, antiques, tools, games, etc. It is recommended that items in a bucket cache be individually packaged in a clear zipped plastic bag to protect them.


Quite often you may also find a trackable item. Groundspeak Trackables come in two types: Groundspeak Travel Bugs®, and official Geocoins.


A Groundspeak Travel Bug® is a trackable tag that you attach to an item, and which travels from cache to cache with the help of people like you. Each tag is etched with a unique code which the finder can use to log its travels on this website. Every Travel Bug® has a goal given by its owner, so if you think you can help it along on its journey feel free to take it with you.


Geocoins are special trackable coins created by other Geocachers to commemorate special events or as a signature item to leave in caches. They function exactly like Travel Bugs® and should be moved to another cache unless otherwise specified by their owners. The variety of different geocoins is staggering! More information about Travel Bugs® and Geocoins can be found on the Groundspeak Trackables page.


What shouldn't be in a cache?


Use your common sense in most cases. Explosives, ammo, knives, drugs, and alcohol shouldn't be placed in a cache. Respect the local laws. All ages of people hide and seek caches, so use some thought before placing an item into a cache.


Food items are ALWAYS a BAD IDEA. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because of food items in a cache. Please do not put food in a cache.

Edited by Team Professor X

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