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  1. Geocaching.COM gaat haar website aanpassen: Upcoming retirement of the Event calendar " In an effort to reduce the number of old duplicate pages on Geocaching.com, we are planning to retire the Event calendar page and its child pages on August 12, 2021. Traffic to these pages has decreased significantly over the years as players opt to use more powerful tools like the new Search for Events or the Event widget on the new dashboard. The Guide to Hosting Events will move to the Help Center. In addition to providing advance notice of this change, we are soliciting feedback on how you would like to see Events surfaced further on Geocaching.com. For more background information about retirement of duplicate pages on Geocaching.com, please visit the Geocaching Blog. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  2. Geocaching.COM heeft haar Apple Geocaching app aangepast: Geocaching® iOS app: Experimental features. " With today’s release, we have introduced an option for Premium members on iOS devices to try out features that are not yet fully developed. As a Premium member on an iOS device, you will see the option to turn on specific Experimental features in your app settings. In the future, some of the features may be released to everyone, while other features may be discontinued. We will continue to add to the Experimental features menu over time. For this initial release, here are the features you can turn on and try out: Siri shortcuts Show Favorite points on logs Show friends list Add or remove Favorite points Note: This release is not available on Android devices but we are working on implementing Experimental features for Android phones as well. Given the nature of Experimental features, the feature set will be different on the two platforms. Please visit this Premium-only forum section to share your feedback about any of these features. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  3. Geocaching.COM heeft haar Geocaching app aangepast: Announcement and Archive log types for cache owners. " With today’s release we are introducing the log types “Announcement” and “Archive” for cache owners on the Geocaching® app. Announcement If you organize an Event Cache or CITO, you can now post an Announcement log directly from the Geocaching® mobile app. Announcement logs trigger an email to all players who have logged a “Will attend” on your event. Use this to post important updates about your event. Archive Whether you own a physical cache, an EarthCache, Virtual Cache, or Event Cache—you can now archive your cache directly from the Geocaching® mobile app. Archiving a geocache permanently removes it from the app and from Geocaching.com. This action cannot be undone. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  4. Geocaching.COM heeft haar Android Geocaching app aangepast: Geocaching® app for Android updates. " With this release, we have made a significant change to the main navigation model in the Android app. Previously, we stored all navigation elements in the drawer. Now, those same navigation elements are moved front and center, and we introduced a bottom navigation model which provides access to the bottom navigation controls from any view in the app. In the header of the app, we have updated the control to access filters. This control is now presented in two states. The first state, shown immediately below, is displayed when filters are in their default state, and the user has not made any changes or edits to the filters. The second state, shown below, is displayed when the player has made changes to the filters, and serves as a reminder that filters have changed. Additionally, parts of the app are refreshed for a cleaner look, and we made map updates for improved performance. We would also like to call out a technical note. With this release, we are dropping support for Android OS 4.4 (KitKat). Moving forward, new releases are available only for Android OS version 5.0 (Lollypop) and higher. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  5. Geocaching.COM heeft haar website en Geocaching app aangepast: Souvenir sorting. " With this release, souvenir sorting has arrived! On Geocaching.com: Sort souvenir names from A to Z and Z to A Sort souvenirs by newest or oldest first. Your souvenir count is also displayed. In the Geocaching® app (8.47.0 or higher): Sort souvenir names from A to Z Sort souvenirs by newest first. Your sorting selection is sticky, so it's always in the order you prefer. Check out the app or go to Your Souvenirs on Geocaching.com to try it out. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  6. Geocaching.COM heeft haar website aangepast: Links now point to new search results. " With today’s release, we have updated links on Geocaching.com that were pointing to the old search results, with the exception of Pocket Query preview links. (Note that you can still see the old search results if you have a direct link, or if searching via the old search.) Why did we make this update? There are many different ways to search for geocaches on Geocaching.com. With this update, we are taking the first step towards retiring the old search, which has remained in place for six years since the current search was released in March 2015. The goal is to reduce the confusion from (and related cost of maintaining) multiple search experiences, but also to reduce website vulnerabilities. As a benefit, this update provides consistent filtering and sorting, the option to add caches to a List, and the increased option to map caches from the search results. Details about the update We have updated all links that currently link to the old search results (except Pocket query previews). These links now link to the new search results. For example, a link that started with www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx now links to a URL starting with www.geocaching.com/play/search. The following links are updated: Links to nearby caches below the cache description Links to finds and hides from the player profile Links to the old search on https://www.geocaching.com/my/geocaches.aspx Links to the old search on https://www.geocaching.com/my/recentlyviewedcaches.aspx You’ll now get all the benefits from the new search, such as: Mapping search results (this was not possible for all results in the old search) Adding search results to Lists (this was not possible from old search results) Option to further filter search results Additional (and consistent) filters and sorting Premium members can sort on all columns, Geocache Name, Distance, Favorite, etc. Basic members can sort on Distance Other differences to note: With this change, we removed the workaround for Basic members to access Premium member filter options. Basic members no longer see all finds from another player. The new search results don’t show some of the information that the old search results show. For example if a cache contains trackables or has an uncleared Needs Maintenance icon. Results are limited to 1000 caches (please use sorting and filtering to further narrow down the results as necessary). " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  7. Geocaching.COM heeft haar website aangepast: Premium member Lists on the Search map. " With this release, we have added a Premium member improvement to view and map your Lists directly from the Search map on Geocaching.com. View your Lists on the map. Premium member Lists on the search map: Viewing a specific List on the Search map: This new Premium member functionality allows you to view and map your Lists directly on the Search map. To edit and take action on your Lists, visit the List Hub. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  8. Geocaching.COM heeft de haar forum software aangepast: Geocaching Forums. " Today we have upgraded the software used to power the Geocaching forums. The software provider (Invision) introduced a new front-end design since our last update. We've done our best to use the available customization tools to keep the general look of the forums as consistent as possible. We are not aware of any significant functionality changes. However, please provide any feedback here if you find unexpected behavior while using the forums. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  9. Geocaching.COM heeft de Geocaching app aangepast: Geocaching® app: Statistics and Milestones. " With today’s release, Premium members can now view their current geocaching streak, Difficulty and Terrain Grid, and caching milestones in the Geocaching® app. When Premium members navigate to the Profile screen, they will see a new option for Statistics. Tapping this will launch the Statistics view, opening the Statistics tab, and displaying your personal Difficulty and Terrain grid. This provides a historical view of your progress completing the Difficulty and Terrain grid. Directly above the Difficulty and Terrain, we have introduced a Streak Card. This card updates in a manner that corresponds with your caching behavior. For example: If you have not cached today, and are not a streak; If you have not cached yet today, and are on a streak; If you have cached today, and are on a streak; Tapping the Milestone view opens a list view which displays the caches logged that earned each Milestone. If a cache is later archived or disabled, that cache line item is greyed out. Each milestone icon corresponds to the design of the Milestone pins available in the Geocaching Shop. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  10. Geocaching.COM heeft de website en de Geocaching app aangepast: friends logs. " With today’s release, we are adding the functionality to see your friends’ logs in the Geocaching® app. When looking at the logging activity of a geocache, tap on “Friends” to see which of your friends has logged the cache! To add more friends, go to your friends list on Geocaching.com and search for other players to add as friends. With this update, we have also added the link to view all logs to the quick links on the cache details page on Geocaching.com. Click “View all logs”, then select “Your Friends’ Logs” to see only your friends’ logs. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
  11. Geocaching.COM heeft een aanpassing gedaan op hun website: Hide a geocache page. " We have been working on several updates and improvements to the Hide a geocache page. There are several goals we wanted to achieve with the improvements we are making to the page. Given reviewer and player feedback on the cache hiding process we hope to: Improve the messaging and links on the page to increase understanding of the hiding rules. Increase awareness of quality cache hiding. Meet the needs of players and hiders who are in different phases of their hiding journey. For this page, the three groups we focused on, to start with, are players with existing hides, players with no hides and 20+ finds, and players with no hides and 0-19 finds. Encourage players with less than 20 finds to find more caches before hiding their first cache. What’s new: All previous functionality remains. We have updated the design and formatting to improve page content and usability. The “smart” video that displays for players is no longer a header banner. This was confusing for players and we have moved it to a standalone video element. If a geocacher is new to hiding caches, it will display the beginner Hiding a Geocache video. If they have previously hidden caches, it will display the video for Making a Favorite point-worthy geocache. There is now a “smart” welcome banner. Players who have found more than 20 geocaches will see buttons to begin new geocache or Event Cache listings right at the top of the page. Players who have less than 20 finds will be encouraged to find more geocaches, while still being able to learn about cache hiding and start new listings lower on the page. We have expanded the instructions for how to hide a cache from three steps to eight. New steps are in bold: Find geocaches to get inspired Read the guidelines Take the hider quiz Pick a unique location and get accurate coordinates [Previously Hide your cache] Prepare a quality container [Previously Hide your cache] Create your cache page and submit for review [Previously Submit your cache for review]. Communicate with your reviewer Maintain your geocache We have included more links to content that geocachers have told us they want easy access to when planning a hide. We have added a direct link to the planning map. We have added links to inspirational hiding resources. Links to Shop Geocaching hiding-related merchandise and international distributors. Example of an updated page for players with hides: Example of an updated page for players with no hides, and 20+ finds: Example of an updated page for players with no hides, and fewer than 20 finds: " Een volledige Google vertaling
  12. Geocaching.COM heeft een aanpassing gedaan op hun website: Difficulty/Terrain grid. " With today’s release, we are adding a feature for Premium members to search for Difficulty and Terrain combinations to fill their D/T grid. From the Statistics page, click the button below the D/T grid to start the search. If you have not filled your grid yet, the search results will show you all caches with a D/T combination you have not previously found (these show as “0” in your D/T grid). If you have already filled your grid, your search results will show all caches with the D/T combination of the lowest number in your grid. In this case, the search results show all D/T combinations with a “0” in the D/T grid: Here is an example of a filled grid. The search results in this case will show all D/T combinations with a “2” in the D/T grid: You can now also click on each grid to display caches with that D/T combination that you haven’t found. The initial search will display caches around your home coordinates. You can then further filter, for example to show caches in another location, or of a specific cache type. Een volledige Google vertaling
  13. Geocaching.COM heeft een aanpassing gedaan op hun website: Progressive release, Search map code refactor. " For the past couple of months, we’ve been hard at work improving the code base of the Search map. We have significantly improved the underlying technology of the Search map in order to increase maintainability, stability, and extensibility for the future. While this code refactor includes very little new functionality today, it does include major technical improvements. Technical improvements include: The download size of the map application is 50% smaller than v1.0. Smaller applications equal faster load times for your browser. Now, the map only displays features as players actually interact with them. You do not download the parts you aren’t using. This was done in an effort to improve loading times as well. The algorithms for displaying map pins on the Geocaching map are rewritten to prevent off-screen pins from being rendered. This makes the Geocaching map layer faster. The geocache list no longer displays off-screen elements, further improving performance. Numerous production rendering bugs are squashed. What’s new: Web-Mobile view: Premium members can now add all caches to a List Web-Mobile view: Premium members can now sort the search results When will you see the new version of the Search map? We recently began deploying this feature to users. It will slowly roll out to geocachers over the next few weeks. This is to ensure a quality release with minimal bugs. You may see the new map version today or you might not see it until the release is fully rolled out. To check what version you are seeing, we have added a version number to the map settings. The new version is v1.2. Note: the map settings button is only available on desktop and tablet views. " Een volledige Google vertaling
  14. Ik ben als jong lid benieuwd naar de exacte procedure voor het leggen van een cache. Ik ben in voorbereiding van een cache en heb daartoe reeds contact gehad met SBB. Ik heb een .doc ontvangen waar ik een hoop informatie dien in te vullen. Echter, er wordt oa gevraagd naar een GC code. Als ik de handleiding begrijp wordt in de handleiding hier niets over vermeld, echter SBB geeft pas goedkeuring als ik de betreffende .doc ingevuld en opgestuurd heb. Als ik op mijn cache pagina de cache beschrijving plaats, wanneer wordt de cache dan vindbaar? Ik bedoel, SBB wilt eerst de beschrijving lezen/ ter plaatse bekijken voor de cache "online" is. Kan iemand met de procedure uitleggen? Wordt de cache ook door een reviewer bekeken en getest? Graag uw reactie Team AnRu RJ van der Veen
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