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    Geocaching.COM heeft een aanpassing gedaan op hun website: Bulk add GC codes to Lists. " With our latest release, we’ve made an improvement on the List Hub. You can now bulk add GC codes to a List. 1 Visit any of your own List Details pages and select the icon to add to your List. 2 Select “Add bulk GC codes” 3 Paste or type GC codes into the modal, separated by a comma. You may add up to 1000 geocaches per List. " Een volledige Google vertaling.
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    Geocaching and NASA head to Mars with the Perseverance Rover " Grab your spacesuits, geocachers, because the first ever interplanetary trackable is about to take off. That’s right, NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is trackable. And you’ll be able to log it! Thanks to the Mars 2020 SHERLOC instrument team at NASA, the newest mission to Mars contains a tracking code, truly taking geocaching out of this world! Keep reading to learn how you can watch the launch, log the trackable, and more. What is Perseverance’s mission? Perseverance is actually engaging in a little caching of its own…sample caching that is. One of the rover’s tasks is to cache, or collect core rock and soil samples and store them for an eventual return to Earth. It will also be trying to identify signs of past environments that could have sustained life, looking for signs of that life, and testing oxygen production from the Martian atmosphere to see if Mars could sustain human life in the future.... .... .... How can I log the trackable if I’m not also going to Mars? If you’re not blasting off anytime soon, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to log the Mars Rover starting around February 2021..." Nog even een paar maand wachten dus !!
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