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    Er is een nieuwe firmware versie 2.50.Changes made from version 2.10 to 2.50:Added support for Connect IQ 3.0Added support for SK 42 grid systemFixed issue on satellite page and empty listsFixed issue with Connect IQ tonesFixed issue with Bluetooth setup from weather or geocachingFixed issue with short address numbersFixed issue with total ascent in saved trackFixed issue when ending track navigationFixed issues with map pageFixed issue with cancel option on power on settings clearFixed issue where geocache filters weren't being appliedFixed issue on confirmation promptsFixed issue with temperature data field textFixed issue with custom map dashboards on stop navigationFixed issue routing to next stage geocacheFixed issue where maps would load on every powerupFixed issue when accessing waypoint averaging from page ribbonFixed issue where some highway and freeway map labels were being cut offFixed issue causing weather map UI slowness
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